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Diverse Play and Learn Opportunities

Mother and Daughters Cooking

Edible Education


Edible Education classes are designed to:

  • Provide students with the opportunity to interact with role models displaying healthy eating habits and lifestyles

  • Get children up, active and participating in meal planning and preparation

  • Fight childhood obesity

  • Bring Science and Math to life

  • Broaden a child’s knowledge and understanding of the world with international cuisines

  • Teach cooperation and the ability to work well with others to complete a task

  • Have a ball!


This method of art focuses on individual creative exploration. With that in mind, lessons are designed to be adaptable, meaning activities are applicable to a wide range of ages and abilities. In this way, instructors can cover the same skills and techniques with all students, regardless of skill, while giving them the freedom to learn at their own level. .

Kids in Art Class
Two Friends with a Tablet


STEAM Kids is all about inspiring our next generation of inventors, innovators and leaders to question like a scientist, design like a technologist, build like an engineer, create like an artist, deduce like a mathematician, and most of all, play like a child.  

Birthday Parties

A birthday party at The Hive is a wonderful way to celebrate your child's special day. Throw the most memorable and fun party ever without having to lift a finger.

Our most popular themes are:

Chef It Up Cooking 

Canvas and Cupcakes Art 

Mad Scientist 

Royal Tea 

Diva Spa 

For your convenience, we offer mobile party and play events.

Birthday Cake
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