Enrichment Programs


At Learning Hive Kids' Club we strongly believe children need to have opportunities to explore other areas of interest. We offer onsite enrichment programs for the busy parent. Children have opportunities to participate in programs focusing on STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths). These lessons are offered by industry experts. Children and parents are able to choose one that best suits them.

Culinary Club:

With a fast food drive through on every corner and frozen foods taking more and more of grocery stores, you can easily get through life without cooking. The fact is learning to cook inexpensive tasty and healthy meals and snacks is more important than ever, because of the social and advertising pressure of instant high fat, high sugar, low nutrition fast food and its effect on our health.

Preparing your own food isn't just better for your body; it’s easier on your budget and provides an opportunity to socialize by sharing foods with friends and family.

Learning Hive Culinary Club was created to help inspire children to learn this important life skill through participation in our cooking club. Just like learning to play football or dance, learning to cook is more effective if we can start early in life and have fun with it.

We provide opportunities to


  • Learn guidelines to food and kitchen safety

  • Learn and improve food preparation skills

  • Learn healthy nutrition practices in a fun manner

  • Explore foods from different cultures

  • Food presentation and proper table setting

  • Etiquette and social interaction skills

And much more…….

Other benefits include sensory, motor, mathematic, social and language skills and emotional development through our hands on cooking classes, camps, parties and other special events.
Our class are built into 4 week sessions. During each session we will start with the basics, such as food and kitchen safety and work our way through basic recipes for smoothies, healthy snacks and desserts, some all-time classics meals such as
spaghetti and also introduce some new ones from different culture. There will also be a field trip to a “foodie” places of interest such as the local farmers market, grocery store, restaurant etc.

So let’s get ready, get messy and make some fun healthy snacks and meals.

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